Oxballs SPARK XL plug CLEAR

Oxballs SPARK XL plug CLEAR


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Color CLEAR (fotos 2 y 3 son ejemplos de tamaño y elásticidad).

Made from the same Tech TPR as cocksling, the buttplug end is sized right for most any hole, it’s got more give, more stretch, than any buttplug on the market, each ring on the plug stretches away from the next, this thing fit the nooks bends and twists inside your hole like no other...clench your muscle around it, feel it squirm and flex and pull your pucker.
The tubular shaft connecting the buttplug end to the COCKSLING forms into your crack, this stuff is so squishy and stretchy, wear it jacking off or fucking, every thrust, every stroke transmits from your cock up into your ass.
Is your butt-pucker only a few inches from your balls?  Is your anus in a completely different time-zone than your cock & balls?  This ass-lock’s fit adjusts… and the cocksling stays in place better than any standard ring.
The COCKSLING fits like no other ring, it squeezes the base of your meat, it grips your nuttsack keeping your balls firmly planted in your greasy sack… COCKSLING has the stretch no leather, neoprene or jelly ring offers.
SPARKPLUG is available with 2 different size COCKSLINGS… the butt plug is the same size on both, the regular Cocksling on SPARKPLUG fits most everyone’s junk, that’s why it has been the most popular cockring for over one year now… SPARKPLUG-XL is for those of you hung thick with big nut-sacks…or you twisted pumpers that want extra room for your bloated meat and juiced sacks…
SPARKPLUG comes in BLACK of course, glossy slick RED, or even hotter: this fucker comes in CLEAR...totally hot with shaved pubes, or a hairy sweaty mess… and check out your greasy pink pucker stretched around the clear buttplug… woof!??

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